Climbing High Tree Services promotes good soil health care.
We produce our own tree mulch, using only disease-free trees,
and deliver by the truckload.

There are many benefits of adding mulch to your garden’s soil environment, both immediate and longer term, all of which can lead to better health and increased growth of plants and trees.

Mulch protects the soil surface immediately after application, helping to increase water retention, regulate soil moisture and temperature levels, reduce erosion and suppress the growth of weeds.

As the organic mulch decomposes over time, the accrued benefits include improvements to the soil structure and nutrient levels, permeability, aeration, fertility and biological activity.

Mulch should be applied at 5 to 10cm thickness, however care should be taken around trees to ensure mulch is no more than 3cm deep.

We sell tree mulch by the truckload for $220 (incl gst).
This includes delivery to all areas within our service zone*.
1 truck = 14 cubic metres

*For all areas outside of our normal service/delivery zone, please phone Chris
on 0417 365 319 or email us for a delivery quote.

Click here to view our service area map.